DTS100 Single-Axis Tool Setter

Product Description:

DTS100 is a photoelectric one-dimensional tool setting instrument, which can perform on-machine tool length measurement, broken tool detection and automatic compensation for 0.1~10mm tools. The product uses cables to perform signal transmission. DTS100 is composed of a photoelectric trigger switch, a hard contact with high hardness and high wear resistance and a signal transmission interface. The contact head is used to make contact with the tool and transfer the force to the high-precision switch through the flexible support rod installed under it; the on and off signals from the switch are transmitted to the CNC system through the interface to identify the length of the tool , Calculation, compensation, access, etc. DTS100 can automatically identify tool wear and tool breakage, helping companies improve production efficiency and improve product processing accuracy.DTS100 is an on-machine measuring device, mainly used for small-stroke machine tools such as precision engraving machines and high gloss machines.

Product Detail

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Product Features

1. Photoelectric trigger design, extremely stable signal
2. Repeat positioning accuracy <0.8um (2σ)
3. The size is small and the working space of the machine tool is smaller
4. The maximum tool diameter <10mm
5. Trigger life> 20 million times
6. Indicator light design, the status is intuitive and visible
7. IP68 top protection level

Product Parameter

Model QIDU DTS100
Contact diameter φ10
Contact trigger direction +Z
Pre-travel No
Output A: NO (normally open)
stroke 5.4mm
Trigger protection stroke 2.7mm
Repeat positioning accuracy (2σ) <1um (probe: 50mm, speed: 50~200mm/min)
Trigger life >10 million times
Signal transmission method Cable 3m oil resistance 4-core φ4.8
Protection structure IP68
Contact force 1.3N (installation state: vertical)
Contact material Cemented carbide
Surface processing Grind 4S
Contact rating DC24V 20mA (MAX) recommended value 10mA) resistance load
Protective tube 1.5m minimum bending radius R7
LED lights Always off, lights up during operation

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