DTS30 Single-Axis Tool Setter

Product Description:

DTS30 is a contact type 1D tool setting instrument, which can perform on-machine tool length measurement, broken tool detection and automatic compensation for 1mm~20mm tools. The product uses cables to perform signal transmission. DTS30 is composed of high-precision switches, high-hardness, high-wear hard contact and signal transmission interface. The contact head is used to make contact with the tool and transfer the force to the high-precision switch through the flexible support rod installed under it; the on and off signals from the switch are transmitted to the CNC system through the interface to identify the length of the tool , Calculation, compensation, access, etc. DTS30 can automatically identify tool wear and tool breakage, helping companies improve production efficiency and improve product processing accuracy.DTS30 is an on-machine measuring device, mainly used for machining center type machine tools

Product Detail

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Product Features

1. High precision: repeat positioning accuracy <2um (2σ)
2. High stability: using micro-damping technology, the product has high stability and long life
3. High protection: the body of the tool setter reaches IP67 high protection level
4. Practicability: flat design, occupies less workbench area
5. Trigger test: Trigger life test> 3 million times
6. Convenience: 6-core design with indicator light, real-time display of the current working status of the equipment

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