The Operation and Maintenance of CMM

1. Purpose

Standardize, correctly and safely use and maintain the CMM equipment, and ensure the long-term stable operation of the CMM, so as to ensure that the quality and accuracy of the equipment meet the measurement requirements.

2. Scope

This specification is applicable to the operation and daily maintenance of CMM series.

3. Operating procedures

The operator must receive professional training and master the performance of the equipment before working; Use and maintain according to this specification;

3.1 requirements for three coordinate installation

3.1.1 the equipment shall be installed indoors in places protected from light, rain and direct sun;

3.1.2 be free from corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil mist and particles;

3.1.3 no moisture and dust;

3.1.4 the installation position shall be convenient for installation, maintenance, inspection and repair (for example, the distance between the machine and the wall shall be at least 60cm);

3.1.5 the ground shall be flat and free from vibration (there shall be no large punch and equipment with large vibration during processing around the installation of the machine);

3.1.6 external power supply 220V ± 10V, 50 ± 1Hz, stable voltage and current, and must be reliably grounded;

3.2 operating environment

3.2.1 operating environment: constant temperature; Temperature (20 ± 2) ℃, humidity 55% – 75%, temperature gradient 1 ℃ / m, temperature change 1 ℃ / h.

3.2.2 working air pressure: 0.45MPa – 0.7MPa. The larger the machine, the greater the required air pressure. Refer to relevant documents for details; The air pressure cannot be adjusted at will. If there is any abnormality, please contact the service personnel of Sirui;

3.2.3 gas consumption: 120 L / min – 180 L / min. the larger the machine, the greater the gas consumption. Refer to relevant documents for details; This parameter is used to select the specification and size of the air compressor;

3.3 startup steps

3.3.1 wipe the machine, keep the appearance of the machine clean and tidy, and ensure that the three-axis guide rail of the machine is clean;

3.3.2 open the main air source;

3.3.3 turn on the computer;

3.3.4 open the air valve of the CMM triplet to supply air, and ensure that the air pressure reaches the air pressure required by the machine; 


3.3.5 turn on the power supply of the equipment controller; 


3.3.6 start PC-DMIS measurement software; 


Double click on the desktop to open the measurement software.

3.3.7 zero the measuring machine;

The zero position of the measuring machine is set in the upper left corner in front of the machine. When the machine is just started, the software will prompt the measuring machine to return to zero. At this time, first press the power on button on the control box 


Then press the button on the operation box 


Button, click the [OK] button. The machine moves to zero automatically;

Note: the coordinate position of the machine is recorded in the controller. The software will prompt to return to zero only after restarting the controller;

3.4 shutdown steps

3.4.1 after the use of three coordinates, raise the z-axis, rotate the angle a of the probe to 90 degrees, move it to a safe position, and then close the PC-DMIS measurement software;

3.4.2 turn off the computer;

3.4.3 turn off the power supply of the control cabinet;

3.4.4 close the air pressure valve of the triplet;

3.4.5 clean the worktable and keep it clean; 


4.1 wipe the machine

4.1.1 items required for wiping the machine: dust-free paper or cloth, absolute ethanol (99.7%);

4.1.2 a small amount of absolute ethanol can be poured onto dust-free paper to wipe the guide rail surface and granite table surface. Do not pour ethanol directly onto the guide rail or table surface; The appearance of the machine (cover and column) can be wiped with clean water; Grating ruler, directly wipe gently with dust-free paper without solvent;

4.1.3 when wiping, it must be carried out in one direction, and do not wipe back and forth;

4.2 air source maintenance

4.2.1 ensure that the air pressure at the triplet conforms to the working air pressure of the measuring machine;

4.2.2 the air from the air compressor must be filtered before reaching the machine. It is recommended to install freeze dryer and filtration system;

4.2.3 the triplet of the equipment is precision filtering equipment, which can filter fine particles and is also the last line of defense of the machine; There are two filter cups, one for water and one for oil; When water and oil accumulate in the filter cup, turn the lower discharge switch to discharge (o direction, clockwise).


4.3 power supply maintenance

4.3.1 the external power supply shall be 220V ± 10V, 50 ± 1Hz, stable voltage and current, and must be reliably grounded;

4.3.2 it is recommended that the equipment adopt independent circuit;

4.3.3 it is recommended to use professional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to ensure that the equipment can have time to take measures in case of power failure, or ensure the normal operation of the equipment in case of unstable voltage.

4.4 maintenance of measuring room

4.4.1 before using the equipment, turn on the air conditioner for at least two hours to keep the temperature constant, and control the room temperature within the specified range (20 ± 2) ℃;

4.4.2 before testing, the workpiece must be placed in the measuring room for constant temperature, and the test can be carried out when the workpiece temperature reaches the temperature of the measuring room;

4.4.3 the measuring room shall be kept clean and tidy. Shoes shall be replaced or shoe covers shall be used to keep the measuring room free of dust; Irrelevant personnel shall not enter or leave the measuring room at will;

4.5 computer maintenance

4.5.1 the computer configured with PC-DMIS is specially used for measurement, and other large-scale software (UG / PROE, etc.) cannot be installed on this computer;

4.5.2 this computer cannot be linked to the Internet;

4.5.3 the computer shall not be installed with anti-virus software to prevent the anti-virus software from interfering with the normal operation of PC-DMIS;

4.5.4 when using mobile memory (USB flash disk), please first kill virus on other computers before using it;

4.5.5 make a good backup (ghost) of the system, which can be recovered in case of system failure;

6.4.5 keep the computer in the best running state;

4.6 controller maintenance

4.6.1 the controller is the core of the measuring machine, and the state of the equipment can be judged by the numbers displayed in the controller;

4.6.2 under normal conditions, the controller flashes “7″; When the equipment is abnormal, the control cabinet will continuously flash error codes, such as “e”, “0″, “9″ and “6″, indicating emergency stop error;

4.6.3 in case of error code in the equipment, please contact the technical service personnel of the manufacturer and inform the code so as to judge the fault;

5. Safety precautions

5.1 it is forbidden to disassemble the machine cover without authorization;

5.2 it is forbidden to disassemble the control cabinet and operation box without authorization;

5.3 it is strictly prohibited to plug and unplug the plug with power;

5.4 it is strictly prohibited to place foreign matters on the marble platform. During measurement, the workpiece shall be handled with care;

5.5 when loading and unloading the workpiece, it shall be carried out from the front or rear of the machine; It is strictly forbidden to get on and off the workpiece from the left and right sides of the machine;

5.6 personnel who are not trained and qualified by Sirui company are strictly prohibited to operate CMM;

5.7 it is strictly forbidden to place workpieces exceeding the bearing weight of the three-dimensional coordinate on the three-dimensional working platform.

Post time: Apr-29-2022