W1Application of machine tool probe and tool setter in on-line measurment of NC machine tools(1/4)

By Wangmingjia Qidu Metrology Technology

Abstract: Measurement is applied to NC machine tools. Through automatic measurement and automatic compensation of workpiece and cutting tool, the manufacturing quality and production efficiency of workpiece are effectively improved.

Key words: machine tool probe, machine tool setter, 0n-machine measurement software, CNC machine tool

Introduction: the domestic machining industry has developed and evolved rapidly in the past 10 years. The leading direction of this process is the improvement of quality and efficiency. The main application purpose of on-machine measurement is to greatly improve the machining accuracy of products and improve the efficiency of personnel and equipment at the same time. In line with the needs of the times of industry development, the application of on-machine measurement in machining industry is developing at a very fast speed. Especially in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, on-machine measurement has become the standard configuration of large-scale machining plants.

One: What’s the machine probe
1)The machine probe is to transfer the CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine)probe to the CNC machine, so that the machine has the same coordinate measurement function, to measure the position or size of the product.
2)Machine probe kit composition
The probe system includes probe body, receiver and macro programs.
3)Working principle of probe
The working principle of the machine tool probe is to use the 6-point bridge structure, through the high rigidity of the structure to achieve all directions contact on and off trigger, after triggering the signal to the machine, through the background software to record the contact coordinate value of the signal trigger moment, and coordinate value algorithm to obtain various shapes and position size.
4)Type of probe
According to the transmission medium between the probe and the receiver, there are infrared probe, radio probe and wired probe (no receiver)
According to their application functions, there are 2D and 3D probes (capable of measuring curved surfaces).
The key factors for a probe are stability, accuracy, power consumption, reaction sensitivity and so on. In particular, the stability and accuracy (normal repeat positioning accuracy is <1um) is the most important
The way to check the quality of a probe on a CNC machine is simple: the force test. Use the machine to measure the workpiece continuously for 30,000 times, and compare the alarm times and repeated positioning accuracy to distinguish the high and low. The alarm times are 0, and the repeated positioning accuracy

Post time: Nov-23-2021