What is the difference between the front and rear after installing the CNC machine tool probe

What is the difference between the front and rear after installing the CNC machine tool probe

The CNC machine tool probe, as the name suggests, is a kind of thing applied to CNC machine tools. In fact, the CNC machine tool probe is a high-end intelligent CNC machine tool accessory that has emerged in recent years. From the name, it is a measuring accessory. It’s not just measurement. The CNC machine tool probe can indirectly improve the performance of existing CNC machine tools, improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and achieve fully automated production. The so-called unmanned production is not far from reality. Today, we will compare the production situation of CNC machine tools after installing the CNC machine tool probe with the production situation before installing the CNC machine tool probe. Will you be fascinated and want to know about it?
The production situation before the CNC machine tool probe is installed

1、Dimensional deviation cannot be found in time, resulting in failure to correct on the spot, which affects production efficiency.

2、Numerical control machine tools have a margin during production and processing, and the accuracy is completely guaranteed by manual skills. The production process is backward, the fitter’s workload is large, and the requirements for labor skills are high, and the labor cost is high.

3、Red single and blue single-color flying molds are used for mold processing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, with low mold accuracy and short life.

4、Production situation after using CNC machine tool probe

5、The mold can be processed on a CNC machine at one time.

6、The processing accuracy of ordinary machine tools is improved, the technical requirements are not high, the workload of the types of work is reduced, and the construction period is guaranteed.

7、The work load of fitter is reduced, and the service life of the mold is prolonged.
8、On-site monitoring quality conditions, the submission was changed to full-time self-test, improve work efficiency, a one-time processing of large workpieces can be put in place to avoid the second fixture.

9、The repeat accuracy is 0.001mm. The process design programmer will change the traditional design and processing method, which can improve the processing accuracy, reduce the loss and cost of mold repair and repair, achieve a successful one-time mold clamping, and reduce the waste of controllable factors. Manufacturing is upgraded to finishing manufacturing.

10、The measurement process is automatically completed by the system, and the UG plug-in can print out 3D inspection reports. The quality control standards are consistent, which is convenient for implementation and management.

The CNC machine tool probe obviously has a great impact on the production efficiency of CNC machine tools. It can not only increase the profit of the company, but also save labor costs. It is indeed a machine tool accessory that many companies should configure for CNC machine tools.

Post time: Jul-12-2021